Tuesday, March 8, 2016

On To My Google Love...

I recently got an email recently from someone I’d never heard of and who wasn’t on my list, I suspect that the same email was sent to quite a few marketers.

It basically said,  I have 4 weeks to raise some money to pay my rent as I am 3 months in arrears. How do you think I should do it?

So feeling quite generous I replied and asked what assets they had , blogs, email list etc.

It turned out that they had a blog with 10 articles that they set up a year ago but no list.

So basically they had no assests, no list and no money to invest in advertising.

They were screwed!

I suggested that they try to make an offer to pay the rent over a longer period and then try to provide a service to marketers.

Create graphics, write content, build sites etc..

I never heard back..  

No surprise there! They probably went wth the guy who said spend $27 on these magic beans.

There is a saying I’ve heard Ben Settle use a few times.. 

Don’t wait until the drought to build the well.

That’s so true, don’t wait until you are desperate for money before you build a list or a monetized blog

Get it built and get it working as soon as you can. 

I hate to think what myself and Allison would have done 3 years ago when we got burned out If I didn’t have a responsive list and some products I could put on a literal “Firesale”

No Electricity, No Internet Connection, No Cars that hadn’t melted, Broken glass everywhere... saved by my list

Anyway, the moral is:  Don’t wait until you need a list before trying to build one!

On To My Google Love...

I’ve posted a new article about: How To Promote Your Blog Posts Like A Pro

This is a new aspect in Content Marketing for me. The post is more “SEO Savvy” aimed at attracting both Social Shares and organic traffic.

I’ll also add a video to the traffic case study later today (Should Be Up By The Time You Read This) to show what I’ve done with the content to try to get some Google Lovvin’.

I'm outta here..


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