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Hi, my name is Vlad

I'm an affiliate marketing for 13 years now. I am also founder of the The Harry Potter's Passive Income Plan blog and I'm the happy owner of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes magical page. From my experience I can tell that affiliate marketing is very hard to implement without a plan and some motivation sticked to it.

Many people fail to promote other people's products, because they don't build a strong relationship with their potential customers, or they pick the WRONG niche, just because it's too popular and pays well.

I started affiliate marketing the day I begun to read Harry Potter and the Pilosopher's stone. I admit that I'm a "burned desired" fanatic of this series.

My vision is to create a witches and wizards community, where they can teach how to bank 100 galleons (dollars) every single week, quitting their 9 to 5 jobs and keeping in mind that the magic never dies.

The day I googled affiliate marketing and harry potter, separately, I found that all the results added together have 148 million searches.

So I decided to fund a blog and a facebook page, to all the fans in the world, where they can learn Affiliate Marketing in a magical term way, and get paid for their time and effort spent.

If you are one of us, I invite to like and share our WWW page and I ensure you that you will succeed, after you follow your lessons, in the order presented to you.

I wish you Felix Felicis and I'm waiting for you to join us, interact and smile with us now HERE

Thank you for your time spent reading this.

Mischief Managed!

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