Monday, March 14, 2016

The White Noise Is Strong In This One

Let's start the week with a bit of clarity.

I've learned a lot over the past 11 years in this business some good things some bad things. One thing is true, however... I never stop learning.

Or to be more accurate I never stop re-learning.

I've discovered time after time that there really isn't anything new in marketing.

More importantly, I've discovered that the core principles NEVER change.. NEVER NEVER NEVER.

It doesn't matter what frills and embellishments you add to something it's still basically the same.

You can take a method add your own spin, repackage it but at it's core it's still the same product.

Take blogging for example.

When I started blogging the hot method of getting traffic was "Blog and Ping" Create content, post it then ping the URL. 

All designed to get backlinks and get google to rank the site.

Then it was commenting on hundreds of blogs and using bookmarking services to get links back to your content.

All designed to get backlinks and get google to rank the site.

More recently it was Private Blog Networks, create content, post links to that content through a networks of blogs.

All designed to get backlinks and get google to rank the site. 

See the core principle there?

Create content and get backlinks and get ranked on Google.

It all too easy to forget the core principles when the white noise of marketing is strong.

(Just had an Image flash into my head of Yoda looking at a typical marketer and saying "The White Noise is Strong In This One")

So here are three core principles to focus on this week.

Create great content

Market to people how you would like to be marketed to 

Build a relationship before you try to sell.

I just posted a new blog post where I looked at the tools I use to create my blog posts. Most are free, and all should help you create content, emails and build a list.

Have a great week

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