Monday, May 9, 2016

New to online business? Watch out for family and friends

When you first start your online business, the family and your friends are your worst critics. They will tell you stories about how your business will not work, and they will tell you to find a real job from 9 to 5.

I know because I run this internet business and all I get from my family and friends are just critics. They are trolling about how I lose the time in front of the computer doing nothing all day.

Now, who says internet marketing is for everyone? They all say it's wrong, because they don't do anything to get started. They don't take action.

Taking action means everything, even starting a free blog and write on it about your niche. I love internet marketing.

My mentor is Patric Chan, he's the owner of the CB Passive Income, a program that I use with pleasure, a program that made me my first sales.

The key insight here is to get started. Not all internet programs are scams, as there many people thinking this way. That is the reason why many are afraid to get started in the first place, or they are told they won't succeed in this business.

I don't care how much time I have to spend, to make my business thrive. It can take me a month, it can take me a year. But I persevere with this blog, the way it is.

Mom and sister tells me, it's a waste of time. But in my heart, I feel so proud, running my Facebook Page Business.

I'm not an expert in this niche, but I have spirit, and I want to meet people same as me, with the same aspirations (article writers).

It feels so good to work 8 hours a day, writing on your blog, posting on your facebook page, do some advertising, running some traffic campaigns, investing some money into your business, without any external help.

I started my first real business on 29th of July. That is when I met Patric Chan and his business model. So I become obsessed with it, because of the benefits that it has.

How does it feel, when someone else, does the selling for you? Someone else takes care of the email campaigns, the web hosting, the domain name and all you have to do is to promote a single page?

That page is a lead magnet, it gives away stuff for free, in exchange of the user's email. This business model is the best available ever.

I call it, email marketing. Why does this work the best? It's because you never run out of prospects. You connect with like minded people and you start promoting your products to your followers and make money that way.

The CB Passive Income, has a built-in auto responder. So when Patric Chan sends an email to his list, he inserts my affiliate link into the email blast. I get a commision, each time someone buys the product.

It's the best system I found on the Internet that generates pure passive income. All I have to do, is to promote a single page, that's where all the magic happens. That page is not a simple website, it's a secret one.

If you want to start your own internet business, I suggest you click here.



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