Monday, May 9, 2016

You can make money with a free blog and a facebook page

There are no secrets. I see people struggling to buy hosting and domain names. They invest in wordpress plugins and all kind of weird software, just to overwhelm themselves.

I started my first internet business, using free tools. I never think to invest in any platforms or software available online.

Tools to get started are:

1. Blogger

2. A facebook page

3. A Twitter account

4. A Clickbank offer

What is hard indeed, is the strategy you are about to use in order to cash in. I love passive income. I love when someone else does the selling for me.

And I pay that guy for his efforts. Six months ago, I stumbled upon this product.

Since then, my life was never the same again. I actually learned how to generate online income, just for posting on social platforms, free content.

Getting paid, just for telling stories. But the secret is to do this every single day. Do you know what most newbies do when they first get started?

They think that, they need to pay a ton of money to run an online business, instead of focusing on how to do it for free, every single day.

Doing it every single day, is the most effective way, to stay fresh, in your business. And make sure nobody disturbs you, when you are focused on it.

Turn off your email, you cell phone, tv, or any distraction that might be around you and start blogging.

Share your posts on your Facebook Page and on your Twitter account. Get a lot of followers and engage your fans with your stories.

For me, meeting Patric Chan, was the best opportunity ever. He taught me the secrets of facebook pages and he offered to sell Clickbank products for me, in the exchange for a fee.

So, before you think investing in, web hosting, email marketing, domain names, or advertising, think twice.

A free blog and some free social tools, are far more better than paid services, in my opinion.



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