Tuesday, February 23, 2016

In the library

I’m in a library, listening to Dale Carneige. I want to learn “how to stop worry.” It’s a slow process that lasts weeks, months, or even years.

People are reading papers here, they pick-up all kind of magazines, and my brother in law writes a resume, about “I don’t know what”

I applied for a permission here in the library. I started writing because I got bored, and besides the audio book I listen to, I don’t have what else to do.
I want to put this document online, on blogspot, but they the internet here is secured, and I can’t access it until I get my authorization.

But I’ll put it online when I get home for sure. I belive with all my heart into this network I called “Empire Business”.

Writing has become for me a second nature. I want to write about everything and anything, but for my readers I must maintain my specific niche that is affiliate / internet marketing.

This niche is very tough, when you first start. It doesn’t look like a business at first. It looks like a simple blog, with black letters, on white background.

My objective with the Empire Business is to connect a network with The CB PassiveIncome System, so all the people that connect with my network, get passive income for their work.

The only work you have to do, is to promote yourself and your page. When you join, you will get your unique page.

Through this page, you collect people emails. People who wants to join in. All emails are going into a big data base I set up, and everyone will earn commissions based on tasks they get.

Tasks like, watching videos, creating facebook pages and administrate, in short, they open and have their own business based on passive income.

They are also people that are skeptical, and don’t want to join, because they believe this is spam, or they think they get scammed.
I got scammed 13 times, but I’m not worried about this. With every scam I experienced, I lost money, but gained experience.

I now know who is legit online, and who is not. That is why I decided to start my own network. To assure that people in my database are not getting scammed.

We have a good privacy policy and terms of use.

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