Wednesday, February 24, 2016

There is a buzz in the network

Affiliate marketing is getting harder and harder when you look for free traffic. And I want to talk about free traffic in this article.

What is free traffic? It's the traffic that comes from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and other social network.

How does free traffic affects the affiliates?

Well, the affiliates that are using free traffic methods, get a small percentage of visitors to their blog. Also, they need to create more content, than affiliates that are using paid traffic.

Are paid traffic methods better than free traffic?

It's unfair, but true. Paid traffic works faster, but...not better. It has it's disadvantages. I don't have space to enumerate them here.

What must do an affiliate, to succeed with free traffic?

The answer is simple. Create buzz, within the network. What do you think the mass-media does?

They create buzz via the news! And the news are free, right? All that gets paid in television, are advertisements.

For most people, adverts can be annoying. I mean, look at AdBlock installation on the internet only (millions).

People don't want to see banner ads anymore, all advertising has becomed a swamp for most of us.

Thanks God, that in the #Empirebusiness Network, there are no ads. Advertising also, can lose you money, especially at startup.

You can make huge mistakes with paid traffic. I lost a few hundred dollars trying to setup Adwords and Facebook campaigns.

So watch out for those. Educate yourself before you decide you want to start with paid traffic.

That's it for today!


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