Thursday, February 25, 2016

My Lastpass trial period has expired

That is sad indeed. But I can us e the free version instead. Lastpass comes with a lot of features. My favourite featrure is "strong password generation".

For me this is the best software when it comes to protect your passwords. I usually forget what passwords I have, and on which sites.

Lastpass guards for me in my personal vault, all the data necesarry. The name of the site, the user and the password.

It also has autocomplete features like credit cards profiles, home adress, and all kinds of fill forms.

How does it helps you as an affiliate?

Let's say you have accounts on many websites, and you don't want to use the same password for all of them, instead you can save them later in your vault, and when you want to access your data, Lastpass takes care of the accuracy of completion.

Anti-hacker protection

It's also helpful to prevent data theft. Hackers today, can easily steal your information via all kinds of trojans and spyware. Lastpass protects you from them.

Why don't you try it out?

All out #Empirebusiness Network members uses Lastpass for their passwords.

 You can see more information here

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