Monday, August 8, 2016

Day 1: Finding Your Passion (a healthy guide)

Hello wizards and witches, welcome to the beginning of your 30 days journey. Make sure that you read the Harry Potter's Passive Income Plan first. In this blog post you will learn:

1. How to find your passion and make some profits while helping others

2. How I failed tremendously before I found my passion, and why I'm happy that I've failed.

But first let's start blunt and real. In life there are NO SECRETS. If you see somewhere written "let me show you the secret to..." or if you watch a video that "tells you the secret to..." do yourself a favor, close that website or video and save some time for yourself (is a Death Eater).

Let me tell you that I've been there, I did that. All those "secrets" led me to failure. But that is okay, because I can teach you from my experience now.

You stumbled upon this blog post because you struggle with something like money, love, or you are looking to find somebody with the same problems as you and looking for a fix.

You are in the right place. Consider this post as a "Knight Bus" for your emergency. It will be helpful.

But let's start with point #1. How to find your passion and make some profits while helping others.

But what is this passion that I'm talking about?

Your passion, represents the most burning desire that you have, your vision for life. A purpose if you will.

Now you might say something like: "ButVlad, but I have no vision, I don't know what to do with my life, I feel lost"

Here is the solution for you to find your passion and share it with others:

Close and remove any electronic device in your area, go into a quiet place with a pen and paper and write the follwing:

"What can I do TODAY, with what I KNOW in order to help one person fix his / hers problem?"

Write down any answers that you come up with and that my wizard friend is your passion.

I came up with: "I can help one person TODAY to make money online" "I can start a blog and spread the word"

"I also LOVE Harry Potter, so I can use this idea to help other wizards and witches in trouble"

Looking for an audience

Once you found your answer, you can now look for an audience that is ready to learn from you. Don't forget to train yourself, read and watch videos that matching your expertise.

Then, you can give advices and recommendations to others that are in the same position you sometimes were.

My story and failures

Since I was a kid, I loved computers so much, that I couldn't live without one. And I'm not talking about playing PC games, I mean, troubleshooting and fixing problems.

This led me into "how to make money online" field, while I was so desperate to cash in as fast as I could.

So I tried to follow and listen to any so called "expert". The problem at that time was that all the Internet was full with of people teaching you the same methods over and over again and they charged you for that.

Nothing new under the sun. So I lost money, time and emotions, trying to figure out "The Secret" behind the curtain. The inner circle secrets. The untold secrets. The undiscovered name it.

For 13 years I looked for easy all done for you products that do the 90% work for you. Until the day of 5th Ahugust 2016 when I stopped, closed everything, grabbed the pen and paper and did what I told you to do.

So i decided to be a founder.

I've learned that I have to do all by myself from scratch. And it takes a lot of work. Weeks, months even years. 

And I know that I will never stop, until the day I die, to fulfill my vision. What is my vision, once again?

What is your vision for life? Please find time to answer to that question in the comments below. That's it for today. Tommorow I will show you how to get yourself known

Thank you for your time invested in this blog post.

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