Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day 2: Creating Your Store On Diagon Alley (a healthy guide)

Greeting, witches and wizards. Have you found a topic to talk about yet? If not, go to Day 1 find one, then come back and read this blog post.

Tip: Do one step at the time, to avoid getting overwhelmed.

Now, I will talk about how to create your first blog, the place where you will share your knowledge with others and recommend products.

Before I begin, remember that in life there are NO SECRETS. So stay out of trouble by avoiding Death Eaters that are claiming so.

There are two ways to start your first online store: 

1. For Free

2. Paid (you need to invest some galleons)

Let me start with the first point. There are two big platforms, where you can self-hosted store:

2. Wordpress 

I recommend, starting with Blogger, because it's owned by Google, and there are many chances to get visitors faster than with Wordpress and they are more tolerable with Terms and Conditions.

A tutorial on how to start with Blogger, can be found in the video below. Make sure you watch it and implement the steps.

The only disadvantage with the free version of blog, is that you don't have total control over it and they might be closing your blog if you post inappropriate content.

Don't get discuraged though, make sure you read the Terms and Conditions and everything will be fine.

Now, let's continue with the second point.

The paid way

For this to work, you need a domain name, and a web host. I recommend Wordpress for this type of choice.

Why? Simply because Wordpress has a function called plugins which gives you the control to manage it the way you want to.

You need to LINK your domain name with the web host, in order for this to work.

For domain names go to GoDaddy and for web hosting go to HostGator. Make sure you watch the video below for instructions on how to link them together:

Choose your way, Free or Paid and focus only on one of them. Tommorow I will talk about "How To Setup Your Owlery"

If you have any questions, or you need technical help, post a comment down below or contact me directly via the About me Page

Talk to you soon

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