Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 3: How To Setup Your Own Owlery (a healthy guide)

Greetings witches and wizards. If you followed up until now, I guess that you read the Day 1 and Day 2 steps so far, if not, return to your last step and read it

Remember that in life, there are NO SECRETS, so I suggest you stay away from Death Eaters that are looking to steal your galleons (no joke).

Now, in this blog post I will talk about setting up your own owlery, so you can spread the word of your craft.

If you are a proud owner of a store on Diagon Alley like me, then you need that your owls to fly and talk about your offerings.

What I mean is that you need all the social media support that you can get. So let's begin with the top 3 owls you MUST own, shall we?

1. Facebook (first owl)

A facebook page is the first asset a wizard or a witch MUST HAVE. Why? Well, because most of your visitors will come from Facebook. You can post there, links, photos, videos and events that your fans will share all over the place.

The objective is to get as many likes as you can. This is mine, started on 5th August 2016. I got only 13 likes, but there will be more :)

This guide will help you start your own page. Tell me in the comments below, your progress. I'm thrilled and curious to know.

2. Twitter (second owl)

The second owl that you need, is a twitter account. You can share there, tweets with your followers, about your craft. You can also follow me :) Learn how to create one clicking here.

3. Google+ (third owl)

When you get started with a Google account, you automatically get a Google+ profile too. Start joining communities and groups once you are there.

And that's all of them. Start with one at the time and keep me posted with your progress. I really want to help you get further and for that I need your feedback.

I will talk about "How to create content for your store" in the next post. Until then, please comment, share and like this post.

Thank you for your time

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